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About Evolve Fostering

We are Evolve Fostering

As a provider for the Tees Valley Local Authorities we are looking to recruit carers in the South Durham and Tees Valley areas. We are happy to consider both new and experienced Foster Carers.

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Statement of Purpose

Our vision

Evolve Fostering’s vision is to provide placements for children and young people with a level of support which maximises stability and successful outcomes. The Evolve team, therefore, consists of Professional Carers, Social Workers, Admin and a Clinical Child Psychologist.

The focus of everyone involved is to meet the specific needs of each individual child or young person. The staff within Evolve Fostering are proud of their record of placement stability and the achievements made by the children and young people within the agency.

Founded in summer 2012, we are a small family focused fostering agency working in partnership with local authorities across the Tees Valley to provide high-quality care, within resilient and loving homes, for children and young people who are unable to live with their birth families.

We have worked to achieve high standards and in our first inspection in 2013 we received an Ofsted rating of “Good”. This standard was maintained at our second Ofsted inspection in 2018.

Our reputation with our partner local authorities is based upon our reliability, consistency, and the processes with which we match young people to our foster carers. When we make a foster placement, our carers receive all of the available information in relation to the young people in order to help them to understand the individual child’s needs.

We work with Dr Nikki Hill of Aspire Psychological Services in order to monitor and improve our young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Aspire Psychological Service

Who are we?

Aspire Psychological Services Ltd are a team of psychologists, family therapists and clinicians who are highly experienced in helping children and young people to overcome mental health, emotional or behavioural issues which they may be experiencing. Together, we have a longstanding passion and commitment to working with children, young people, their families and professionals, particularly those who have experienced developmental trauma and who have difficulties with attachment relationships.

What services do we provide to Evolve Fostering?

Aspire Psychological Services Ltd work with Evolve Fostering to support the team of foster carers, supervising social workers and young people within the agency. We provide a range of services including training, consultation and supervision services, assessment and therapy (where appropriate) where our associates will share their extensive knowledge on child and adolescent mental health and development and the impact of trauma on young people.

We support the agency to promote a therapeutic parenting ethos, with a strong emphasis on developing an understanding of our young people from an attachment and trauma framework.

Aspire Psychological Services provide evidence of good practice to meet requirements of NICE Guidelines and Ofsted for Evolve Fostering

We support Evolve Fostering’s carers to work confidently, effectively and consistently with the young people in their care and equip them with the skills and knowledge to understand and respond appropriately to their needs (Statutory guidance on promoting the health and well-being of looked after children, 2009)

Our expert advice, consultation and training supports Evolve Care to provide safe and stable placements which can be maintained even through the range of challenges young people encounter

Annual charitable donation

In conjunction with our carers, the agency makes regular charitable donations to a number of causes, recently we have donated toMacmillan, Our Hospitals Charity and Lend with Care.