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Francis Firebrace

Posted on 24/01/2022 by Evolve in Activities / News

This year at Evolve, our theme is ‘Broadening Horizons’. We want to show the children about the world and help them to understand there is more out there than where they live.

We decided to kick this off by inviting Francis Firebrace to our offices to inspire the children and tell them all about his life.

Francis is an Aboriginal storyteller of the Yorta Yorta people in Australia. He is an inspirational speaker, passionate humanitarian, entertainer and artist – a man of many talents!

He was brought up in the Australian bush and lived a life very close to nature. When he was seven, he moved to a village of 300 people – which he thought was a city! He wasn’t used to seeing groups of more than ten.

He spent his twenties on the land hunting rabbits and kangaroos and listening to his elders telling the stories that are passed down through generations.

When he was 28, he moved to Canberra and got into filmmaking which completely changed his life.

Francis says he is a ‘travelling storyteller’ and gets his stories by swapping them with other tribal people.

“All my stories are selected for their meanings and positive messages. The only way to make change is to go out there and give people another view of life. That’s what I do through my stories, my paintings and my philosophy”

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