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Sustainability - Fashion

Posted on 13/02/2024 by Evolve in Blog

Our theme in the office this month is fashion and how we can be more sustainable.

Did you know there are lots of ways you can help the planet when it comes to fashion and clothing? Binned clothes fill up landfill sites, raise greenhouse gas emissions and harm the environment. An estimated £140 million worth of used clothing goes to waste every year - that's 350,000 tonnes!


You can donate your clothes to local charity shops or clothing banks. For example, you will see many Salvation Arm clothing banks – they have around 8,000 banks located all over the UK.

Everything you donate to the Salvation Army is re-sold, reused or recycled, helping us lessen our impact on the environment while raising money to support their projects throughout the UK

As well as donating old clothes, you can also donate bra’s and swimwear! Take a look at the link which will direct you to the best 9 places to donate these, in the UK.

School Uniform

Do you have the kids old school uniform lying around that no longer fits? Have you thought about donating it? There are lots of school uniform exchanges in the North East were you can take your old school uniform and even pick up some new bits! The closest to us in Darlington, but a quick google search will point you in the right direction.

Buying & Selling Second Hand

Selling clothes on sites such as Vinted, Facebook Marketplace or Ebay can be a great way to sell your old or no longer needed clothes. Even better, you can then browse the sites and purchase something second hand.


Upcycling is incredibly beneficial for the planet. It gives used products a new life and reduces the need to use unethically sourced or sustainable materials, like plastic.

It also reduces landfill waste.

You can find out some tips on upcycling by following the link.

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