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Being Me

Posted on 18/04/2017 by

Hi my name is Miss E and i am in foster care. i still get to see my family. I get to do lots of fun things that i couldn’t do before i came into care that my mam and dad couldn’t give me before. we do lots of fun things like go to theme parks and go on holidays we have lots of holidays. last year i went to a different countries. we do lots of other things to. i did not like been in care at first but now i love it. if i had the choice to stay in care or go back and live with my mam i would choose to stay in care with my amazing foster carers. we get lots of things we get loads of clothes and treats. above all i get lots of love. i sometimes think i am lucky because i have two families. now back to me i am Miss E and i enjoy going out with my friends and going to the gym and going swimming. but above all that i like having family night were we sit infant of the tv and watch films with some treats like sweets or popcorn or something like that. I am not much of a picky eater but i hate hot food. I like nearly all my fruit and veg. i have two dogs who i love lots and lots me and my foster mam call them our little babies we love them lots. i have a girl dog who is called poppy and we called her poppy coz she was born on poppy day. and our boy dog is called wally coz he is was born on April fuels day. i have two foster brothers we do argue but most of the tome we are ok. when i came into foster care i thought i wouldn’t be happy in foster care but now i am happier then ever. and i hope i have got a bright future. so anyone who is frightened about going into foster care don’t be because it is much nicer then you think it is. so thats me Miss E thank you for reading.

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