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Too Old to Foster?

Posted on 16/04/2018 by

Years ago I watched a TV programme, it was about children in foster care. It was Tracy Beaker. It started me thinking but I had always worked in hospitality.

I was too old. Forget it. Kids need young people to look after them.

Then you start to hear words everywhere. Fostering. In care. Spare room. Still too old I thought. So i Googled fostering. Beta Care came up.I emailed them.

Ian emailed back. Ian came to see me. Then Ian came back with Anne.
Age is just a number he told me. Mmmm.

You need patience. You need to want to do this. Not a half job. 100% commitment.

They need care. They need patience. They need commitment form you. They need love.

Foster. It will change your life.
It did mine.

DH, Foster Carer with Beta since 2014